Downhill-Disc HD 6-bolt, Ø 223, 218 g

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Downhill-Disc HD


  • Why 223 mm? The additional 20 mm enlarge the lever and increase the braking force by over 10%. In addition, the rotor is even more resistant to overheating due to the increased surface area.
  • Not only for downhill use, also recommended for the often highly stressed brakes on cargo bikes.
  • Made of high-strength stainless steel: up to 25% higher tensile strength than conventional brake rotors.
  • Sophisticated hole pattern: pad cleaning over the entire friction ring width and best performance even under extreme demands.
  • Suitable for all common disc brakes.


Technical details:

Mounting standard: 6-bolt
Material: Stainless steel
Diameter: 223 mm
Friction ring width: 15 mm
Weight: 218g


Delivery contents:

1 x Downhill-Disc HD 223mm


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