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Direttissima disc brake


NOTE: Waiting time currently approx. 12-15 months!

This applies to new orders. Service orders are processed immediately and spare parts are usually always in stock.

Of course, we request payment only shortly before the actual delivery.




More detailed technical information on this brake can be found here


Here is some important information about the ordering process:

Unfortunately, for technical reasons it is not possible to show the complete combination possibilities of the PICCOLA CARBON in such a way that your desired brake can be completely configured here.


Therefore here is a short instruction for the procedure:

  • You put the article "DIRETTISSIMA Disc Brake" into the shopping cart (for a brake set you put 2 brakes into the shopping cart accordingly)
  • If you would like to order further accessories (brake discs, adapters, tools, ...), please select these products from the shop and add them to your shopping cart
  • At the end of the ordering process under "Check and order" there is a field for "Comments on order and delivery".
  • Please provide the following information:
    • Your desired colour combination (see below for selection options)
    • If you ride your brakes "moto-style" (i.e. the brake lever for the front brake would be on the right side, the one for the back brake on the left. Just like on a motorbike): Please let us know. By default all brakes are mounted with the front brake on the left side.
    • You also have the possibility to specify the exact length of the brake hoses you need in your order. If you do not specify anything here, we will use standard lengths (front 90 cm, rear 170 cm). If you wish to change the length of the brake hoses at a later date, we reserve the right to charge you according to the time needed (e.g. because the brake system is already assembled).
  • As soon as we have received your order, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you about the current delivery time and to clarify any queries.
  • At the moment the waiting time is about 12-15 months from the date of order entry. We are working to shorten this time significantly to a shorter period in the future.


We offer the following configuration options for the DIRETTISSIMA:

Basic colour (applies together to the brake master cylinder), the clamp and the connections for the brake hoses:

  • black / silver

Colour of the lever blade, reservoir cover and brake calliper:

  • each in black / silver

You are welcome to mix black and silver according to your preferences and thus create your own individual brake

Type and colour of the brake hose:

  • As standard we use our Kevlar hose (only available in black). You can find more information here.
  • For an extra charge of 44,90 € per brake we also offer steel flex hoses from Goodridge in many different colours.
    ATTENTION - if the brake hose is to be installed in the frame: These hoses have a larger outer diameter of approx. 5.9 mm compared to the Kevlar hose.
    More information about these hoses can be found here.

Toolless lever blade adjustment

  • Simplifies the adjustment of the lever blade position. Extra charge of 14,90 € per brake
  • Titan screws tuning options:
    • If you want to save additional weight when mounting your brake on the postmount mount, you can upgrade your bike with the highest quality titanium bolts from Extralite. Information and ordering here.
    • The brake rotor bolts can also be replaced by Extralite titanium bolts.


A later change of the configuration is free of charge only until 8 weeks before the expected delivery date. After this date we reserve the right to charge an individual expense allowance.



Delivery contents:

1x Direttissima disc brake
1x Machined clamp
1x Brake caliper bolts
1x brake pad 220 Power+



If, due to the long waiting time, you do not want to pay before we have assembled your brake and it is ready for shipment, please choose the normal bank transfer as payment method.


If you have any further questions about the products or the ordering process, just send us an email (info@trickstuff.de) or call us +49 (0761) 88 78 91 0

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